is a creator, director of performance across disciplines from plays, music/theater, multi-media, installation and opera

This was the End

a work for 4 actors in their 60’s, cassette tapes, video projection and the wall of the Mabou Mines Studio about memory and forgetting and the convergence of past and present.

“Memory and image, literary ghosts and an actual possession all phase together in Mallory Catlett’s sublime This Was the End, a postmodern séance for, among other things, downtown New York.” — Time Out NY

Restless NYC, The Chocolate Factory, LIC/NYC, 2014/Mabou Mines 2018

Creator/Director Mallory Catlett, Text Chekhov, Sound G Lucas Crane, Video Keith Skretch Set Peter Ksander, Lights Chris Kuhl, Choreography Johanna Meyer, Costumes Olivera Gajic, Interaction Ryan Holsopple. Performers/Co-Creators: Black-Eyed Susan, G. Lucas Crane, Jim Himelsbach, Rae C Wright & Paul Zimet