is a creator, director of performance across disciplines from plays, music/theater, multi-media, installation and opera


This Was the End

A work for 4 actors in their 60’s, cassette tapes, video projection and the wall of the Mabou Mines Studio about memory and forgetting and the convergence of past and present.

“Memory and image, literary ghosts and an actual possession all phase together in Mallory Catlett’s sublime This Was the End, a postmodern séance for, among other things, downtown New York.” — Time Out NY

Restless NYC, The Chocolate Factory, LIC/NYC, 2014, Mabou Mines 2018

Creator/Director Mallory Catlett, Text Chekhov, Sound G Lucas Crane, Video Keith Skretch, Set Peter Ksander, Lights Chris Kuhl, Choreography Johanna Meyer, Costumes Olivera Gajic, Interaction Ryan Holsopple. Performers/Co-Creators: Black-Eyed Susan, G. Lucas Crane, Jim Himelsbach, Rae C Wright and Paul Zimet

Echo Drift

Oscillating between the confines of a tiny cell and an expansive visual world of animation, the opera unravels a cycle of deceit, temptation, seduction, and fantastical perception.

“It’s a brilliant wedding of words and music, tightly staged by director Mallory Catlett and powered by a leave-it-all-out-there performance by Blythe Gaissert” - SF Classical Voice

HERE/Beth Morrison Productions/American Opera Projects
Protoype Festival, Baruch Center for the Performing Arts NYC, 2018

Director Mallory Catlett, Composer Mikael Karlsson, Libretto Elle Kunnos de Voss & Kathryn Walat, Conductor Nicholas DeMaison, Set Designer Elle Kunnos de Voss, Lighting Designer Chris Kuhl, Prop & Costume Design Andreea Mnicic. Performers: Blythe Gaissert AND John Kelly, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

Circling the Center

A visceral liturgy of sound, video, and performance, interweaving images and noices of brain circuitry with Victorian mourning rituals

3LD, NYC, 2016

“The lost art of mourning braiding is beautifully dramatized in Circling the Center”  - Hyperallergic

Creator Nene Humphrey, Director Mallory Catlett, Composer Roberto Carlos Lange, Poetry Tom Sleigh, Video Designer Simon Harding, Lighting Designer Yuki Nakase

RedFly Blue Bottle

A theatrical event that bridges concert, cabinet of curiosities, and video installation

“Credit goes to the director, Mallory Catlett, for fusing a multitude of elements into an integrated whole – a portrait of a fractured mind that, somehow, holds together.” — New York Times

Latitude 14, Here, NYC 2009 Noorderzon Festival, Netherlands 2009 EMPAC, Troy, NY 2010

Director Mallory Catlett, Writer Stephanie Fleischmann, Composer Christina Campanella, Video Peter Norrman, Live Video Mirit Tal, Lights Miranda Hardy, Set Jim Findlay, Costumes Olivera Gajic, Sculpture Matt Verta-Ray. Performers: Jesse Hawley, Chris Lee, Black-Eyed Susan, Christina Campanella, Sam Baker, Erich Schoen-Rene.


An underground entertainment performed by a band of deserters stuck under No Man’s Land

Lurid, feverish, powerful - NY TIMES

Juggernaut Theatre Company/Here, NYC 2008

Conceiver/Director Mallory Catlett, Writer Jason Craig, Composer/Music Director Lisa Dove, Set/Lights  Peter Ksander, Video Zbigniew Bzymek, Sound G Lucas Crane. Performers/Co-Creators: Jason Craig, Scott Sowers, Jessica Jelliffe, Kelli Rae Powell, Magin Schantz, Tom Lipinski, G Lucas Crane.